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CEO and founder of DeAviation Ltd, Mr. Uri Peretz,

a graduate of the IDF Air Force and an avid flight enthusiast with

thousands of flight hours experience is a rated single and double engine plane and helicopter pilot.

DeAviation Ltd. is the leading helicopter airline company in the country. The company includes 10 staff pilots and a fleet of four Robinson R22 and R44 helicopters.

DeAviation is operated from the Rishon LeZion landing strip and its helicopters are deployed at Sde Dov and Herzliya  airports, as well as at the Tel Hashomer (Sheba)hospital helipad.

The company’s Robinson helicopters are cost effective, identical and can alternate between one another allowing DeAviation to provide aviation services throughout the year and at the lowest market cost.

With its 206 Bell Long Ranger the company offers transportation for business travelers, guided tourist flights and VIP gift flights.

The company provides diversified aviation services among them flying an R22,  attractions and an airborne ambulance.

It is also the most advanced helicopter flight school in the country.

Training is carried out on the Robinson R22, R44 and Bell 206 helicopters.

The company also upgrades pilots from rigid rotor systems to semi-rigid rotor systems.

Among the company’s clients are leading businessmen, the Ministry of Defense, the Green Police, the Israel National Fund, Raphael, Israel Aircraft Industry, Israel Electric Company, TV Channel 10 and Channel 2, Ma’ariv newspaper and Israel Today newspaper.

The company is managed by senior IDF air force officers and in its ranks are

the best helicopter pilots in the country.

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