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Renting a Helicopter in Israel


De Aviation provides helicopter rental services to:

* VIP flights for business clients
* Flights for the orhtodox sector
* Flights for clients of the Ministry of Defense
* Photo shoot flights around the country (including a photographer)
* Locating Vehicles
* Air Taxi
* Touring Israel
* Birthdays, bar mitzvahs and weddings
* Special events (option to document and photograph)

A quotation for a daily helicopter use is calculated basing on:
tape of the helicopter, number of people, flight destination and directions,
land waiting hours Etc.

You can rent a helicopter just for 1 hour sightseeing over Jerusalem
2 hours flying over Masada the dead sea or mount Carmel.
You can also fly to business meeting up in the Galilee and come back after few hours.

a Helicopter flight in Israel is a wonderful experience.

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